Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Episode 44: The fall of Santa Anna.

Events take place June 23rd 1880.

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Season ended with the posse having defeated Santa Anna’s (and kept his prosthetic leg).
4 Xp awarded.

Episode 43: Exploding factories and riding with Lt. Caldera

Events take place June 22nd – 23rd 1880.

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Sesson ended with the posse fighting Mexican cuirassiers (cavalry) at Stanley’s Live Bait & Curios (where Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg is rumored to be.

2 Xp awarded.

Episode 42: into the shaft, and seeing (tommy) knockers.

Events take place on June 22nd 1880

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Glyph #6 activated (The Wheel).

Posse ends the session at the Mexicali end of the mine near the ladder.

Episode 41: Forts aflame, and invading armies

Events take place June 11th – 21st

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Posse ends session in Calixico after doing recon of Mexicali

Episode 40: Hired security and Goatsucker shooting.

Events take place June 10th – evening of June 11th

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Episode 39: Consumptive Grandmasters and Shotgun weddings

Events take place: June 5th – 9th

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Posse ends the session out in the desert East of Lost Angels.

Episode 38: Marking The Corpse

Events take Place: June 1st – 3rd 1880.

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Glyph #5 activated (Devil’s Postpile).

Posse ended session in Shannonsburg.

Episode 37: Under the Devils Postpile

Events took place May 30th & 31st 1880.

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Episode 36: box canyon ambush

Events took place May 27th – May 30th 1880

Traveling over land from Shan Fran out to the Glyph that is said to be under the Devil's Postpile.  When the posse set up camp for the evening, they were joined around the campfire by a group of Guardian Angles out of Lost Angels.  Though the Angles were suspicious of the posse, the night passed without incident, and the groups headed their separate ways after breakfast.

After a couple days travel, the posse encountered a group of Indians near the mouth of a canyon.  Conversations turned ugly when the leader mentioned that the posse was the ones they'd been told might be coming, and attacked.  Gun fire, thrown dynamite, and Indian braves thrown from the top of cliffs followed, and the Posse was victorious.

Ashii, and Running Wolf noticed that the warriors appeared to be from many different tribes, all of which were said to have been completely wiped out by white men (sometimes called Last Sons).  A note, from someone named Raven, was found on the leaders that told them to watch for the posse, and mentioning the Glyph near Mexicali.

Episode 35: Sin Eaters Indigestion

Events take place: May 23 – 26th 1880

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Glyph Knowledge learned:

The Corpse —> the Devil’s Postpile
The Dragon —> Near New Harmony (N. CA)
The Wheel —> Mexicali, Mexico
The Angel —> Near (maybe under) Lost Angles


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