NPC - Big Ears Tam


T’Sang Po Tam, also known as Big Ears Tam. Tam lives in splendor in a big manor, guarded by more rascals than you can shake a stick at. He’s a shrewd old coot with more lives than a cat. He personally assassinated the previous Big Boss and has since survived three coup attempts. The Big Brothers are all afraid to challenge him. Instead, they’re concentrating their efforts on killing one another, which no doubt is precisely how Big Ears Tam likes it.

Big Ears Tam, like all other Big Bosses of the Shan Fan Triad before him, is strictly opposed to his members dabbling in the occult. By occult, they don’t mean honoring their ancestors or ceremonies to the Chinese gods. That rigmarole is all considered strictly normal. “Occult” means fooling with the dark arts or consorting with abominations. Big Ears has a death sentence waiting for any triad member stupid enough to try such a thing.


NPC - Big Ears Tam

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