NPC - Captain Blood (WIA / KIA?)


Not much is known about the head of the ocean-going Mexican fleet, Capitan Sangre, also known as Captain Blood. He’s said to boast a smile that can faint a woman at 20 paces and is also reputed to personally lead any boarding actions run from his ship, the Conquistador.


While Taking shore leave in Quarrytown, the bounty hunter Hephaestus Girty called Cpt. Blood out as he and his officers left a saloon. The two men squared off for a gunfight in the street. Girty was quicker on the draw and put a bullet through Cpt. Blood. Before Girty could put an other round through the collapsing Captain, 3 of his lieutenants rushed to his aid, shooting at Girty and driving him away from his bounty.
Cpt. Blood was rushed to his flag ship, which quickly weighed anchor and set sail south toward San Diego / Mexico, leaving most of his armada’s ships to get under way as well as they could.

NPC - Captain Blood (WIA / KIA?)

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