NPC - Col. Frank Wheaton

Union Officer


Elderly Union officer assigned train security duties on Union Blue railroad routes. Always carries a small kitten inside his jacket “for good luck”.


Born in Providence, Rhode Island, to Dr. Francis Levison and Amelia S. Wheaton née Burrill on May 8th 1833.
He attended Brown University, studying civil engineering, but withdrew in 1850 at the age of seventeen to take a position with Mexican-American Boundary Commission. On March 3, 1855, he was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the 1st U.S. Cavalry and assigned to duty on the Indian frontier on the Missouri and Kansas Border. He participated in the campaign against the Cheyenne Indians and also in the Utah War and was promoted to captain on March 1, 1861.

He commanded Union troops during the Civil War and most recently in the Modoc War (Norther California & Oregon 1872 -1873). He is currently assigned as a security liaison working with the Union Blue railroad.

NPC - Col. Frank Wheaton

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