Z - Emperor (General) Kwan - KIA


Slightly crazy, but greatly feared, Kwan runs a triad in Eastern California, and it’s widely believed that he’s planning to invade Shan Fan when the moment is right. Kwan kidnapped Joshua Norton and forced him to sign over his title. Norton is too afraid to tell Kwan that the title is meaningless, and Kwan believes himself to be the rightful ruler of America.

Kwan’s forces number somewhere around 1600 fighting men, which is quite impressive for a California army. Most of his followers are Chinese, and unashamed to follow a powerful warlord. Just as many are disaffected miners and other losers drawn to Kwan’s offer of a warm bed, regular feeding times, and the occasional spate of looting and pillaging.

Sometimes Kwan sends soldiers to fight on behalf of the Confederates or Santa Anna’s Army of the Night in exchange for steam wagons or gold. Mostly, though, he concentrates on expanding the boundaries of his “province,” which is what he calls the area around his fort where he collects his “taxes.”

These days Kwan gets most of the money for his fancy fort from taxing the lumber industry.


Kwan arrived in the Maze from Canton in ’69, less than a year after the Great Quake. He found a place that was in total disarray, with charismatic leaders already exploiting the opportunity to surround themselves with loyal followers. If you could make someone’s life a little better in the early days of the Great Maze, that person would likely follow you to the grave.

No problemo—Kwan’s a natural at the warlord business. It must run in the family. His daddy was a warlord, too, back in China. Kwan, who is still a young and handsome man, was one precocious 13-year-old. He developed what you might call too strong an affection for one of Kwan Senior’s many wives. On rather short notice, Mu-T’ou found it prudent to high-tail it away from his dear papa’s fortress in western China.

During the Triad War, Kwan led his army to attack Shan Fan. Things went smoothly at first, and he was able to secure the Waterfront, Stinktown, and the Skids quickly and without much resistance. It was when he advanced across Heavenly Park that the battle was joined. His forces were engaged by Tam’s troops, and reinforcements from the 37’th Chamber’s Shoulin Monks, and the New Hope Triad.
It soon became clear that Kang had not begun his bombardment as promised and the tide of battle turned against Kwan.
Tam had almost surrounded Kwan and his generals, when Kang appeared with his fresh troops. After harsh words were exchanged between Kang and Kwan, Kang punched his fist into Kwan’s chest and ripped Kwan’s heart out.

Z - Emperor (General) Kwan - KIA

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