NPC - Eddie Griff


Eddie is cagey and clever, if a little desperate, and can lie like a politician.


Eddie was a gunman fighting in the Great Rail Wars for various railroads, including Wasatch and Iron Dragon. One night while fighting Black River he ran afoul of a genuine werewolf and got bit square on the throat but lived. Cursed with lycanthropy, he’s wandered up and down the west coast for months trying to sate his never ending hunger. Grimme’s Angels captured him in Ghost Town and hauled his furry butt back to the Rock for study.

After being rescued out of Rock Island Prison by our heroes, he transformed into the werewolf on the boat. He was last seen being pulled under the waters of Prosperity Bay by a blood shark. Whether that was the end of Eddie, or just some fresh shark sushi has yet to be seen.

NPC - Eddie Griff

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