NPC - Lacey O’Malley

Star reporter for the Tombstone Epitaph


With his trademark white suit, hat and ginger hair, Lacy strikes out in a crowd. This has been mostly a blessing in his line of work. He has a knack for finding stories when other like-minded fellows are drawing a blank.


Lacy O’Malley was born in Ireland, raised in
New York City, and became a journalist in Chicago. He’s a
relative newcomer to the Weird West, arriving in the cold
winter of 1875 before settling in Tombstone, Arizona the
following year and becoming the Epitaph’s most famous
reporter. He spends little time there though, instead choosing
to travel the West to verify the strange stories he’s come
to be renowned for.
Secretly, Lacy does far more than report on what he
sees—he’s been inducted into the Twilight Legion and
granted permission to find other like-minded souls.

NPC - Lacey O’Malley

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