Georgia Peach

Maze Runner boat


The Maze runner is a ship specifically designed for use in the canyons of the Great Maze by Smith & Robards. It’s a speedy number with independently geared side paddlewheels. These can rotate in opposite directions, allowing the ship to pivot in place.

The Maze Runner has an open rear deck with bench seats and a partially enclosed driver’s cockpit. There’s room for cargo or bunks in a small bow cargo hold.

Common Weapons: Those who can afford one of these babies usually like to protect their investment—a Gatling gun or two is the norm. A fully tricked-out Maze Runner direct from the Smith & Robards factory also mounts a cannon and a trio of steam Gatlings.

Acc/Top Speed: 10/30;
Toughness: 10 (2);
Crew: 3+5;
Cost: $15,000
Notes: Travels 30 miles per pound of ghost rock.


The Georgia Peach is the boat of Capt. Robert Maynard II a retired Confederate Naval Captain.

Georgia Peach

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