Letter in Spanish


Tale of an Indian Shaman that killed the person the group found in the hole in the ground. Earthquakes followed which was why the monk probably died buried under parts of the collapsed house.

Translation of the letter:

To Cardinal Diaz,
This 8th day of August, the year of Our Lord, 1868.
It is with heavy heart that I must report a foul and ritualistic murder very near our mission. On July 24th, one of the flock informed us that a young Indian man we had taken in was missing. We thought little of it at first—the youths here often wander about—but after a few days began to worry.
A search party was formed, and I am sad to say our young Indian friend was found. He lay at the bottom of a rounded cave accessible only by a narrow tunnel at the top. The Devil himself must have lived in that hole, for it reeked of evil and brimstone.
On the floor of this chamber lay our friend, his heart cut from his young chest and smashed against the western wall. On this same wall was painted a symbol, much like that of a lightning bolt. The symbol glowed as if the paint were the blood of Lucifer himself, and was bright enough to illuminate the entire cave.
We buried our young ward that same day and sealed off the cave as best we could. Our investigation reveals another Indian man, from some tribe unfamiliar to our locals, had been spotted around the cave in the days past. We are searching for him now, and believe him to be a heathen shaman of some sort.
A few days later, the earth began to shake. It is so violent now I fear we must close the mission. While strong, it seems to rest directly above Hell itself, for the walls are already starting to


Letter was found on the bleached boned skeleton of a catholic missionary in a ruined monastery.

Given to Father Juan Gutierrez in The The Spanish Quarter of Lost Angels.

Letter in Spanish

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