Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Episode 24: Good Byes, Hellos, and Spiders
Big Spiders

Dr. Hindenburg found times to be trying even for him considering what the group was going through or up against. He opted to leave his parrot (imaginary) with the group and retire to a life of a mere weird scientist since if he did kill himself it wouldn’t take a whole city with him unlike what the group was up to. Sebastian Moran got word from his family back east and opted to state although nothing would please him more than continuing the work of the Good Lord and putting bad men in the ground for good he had business he’d need to attend to back east before it was too late. The group said their goodbyes as Sebastian and his dog made their way the next morning to San Fan to pick up his horse before he headed back East.

Episode 23: Don't mind us, keep eating people and shot the undead

The party find themselves a little too close to Lost Angels and the Guandians of Lost Angels getting more food in the form of fresh dead bodies from a grave outside town was a bit disturbing. The fact the people asked if they had seen a similar group with other people in it similar (the party with some of it’s former members) got a blank stare of ignorance from Hujo before they headed back to Lost Angels proper. The group with the warning of the graverobbers made their way in secret to survey the burial ground/fortified location they needed to go.

The party did think it was odd all the guns were pointed inward for some reason and the group snuck around to a vantage point and scoped out the area. Hujo with his finger compass figured they’d need to get to the far side of the fort from the cliff outcropping. Once night came the party snuck in attempting to avoid patrols. Oddly enough there weren’t any. Hujo, Amanda a few others snuck through the area which turned out to be mass burial areas. Hujo didn’t seem to pay much attention as bodies started coming out of the ground and the Lost Angel guards opened fire on the undead.

Jumping into a pit Amanda asked Hujo if he found what he was looking for as he pulled up a skull and stated he thought the guy they’re looking for is dead. Amanda looking at Hujo very surprised made him notice the shadow he was in which was odd since it was night time and no large buildings were close to the pit. Amanda found herself staring on eye level with a creature made of bone still standing in the pit.

The Bone Fiend gave chase but fortunately for Hujo he was quiet fast making it across the fort to the ropes and handing off the skull before going back to attack the Bone Fiend while others escaped. Several walking skeletons opted to get in his way which the other either shot down or Hujo punched through. With Amanda to the Doctor as well as Running Wolf back to the ropes he was halfway up when the Doctor yelled for Hujo to get to him and the trio of Amanda, the Doctor, and Hujo found themselves out of line of site of the Bone Fiend which Sebastian had smited and the cannons that were chewing through the growing number of people crawling out of the ground. Fortunately the party was out of sight of the cannons and with the Bone Fiend reassembling themselves the group wondered if they should escape. Hujo already on his horse with the Skull stated yes.

Back at the Mesa of the Necessary Alliance of Indians Hujo gave the powery remains of the finger back to it’s owner and apologized. Giving the skull over had the group prepped to talked to someone long dead about what they needed to do to kill Grimme who was supposedly, unkillable.

The group opted to stay the night with their new fund mission to prep for ending Grimme’s rule over Lost Angels.

With a Lost Angels ship pulling ashore the Doctor snuck the team over to their ship using his weird science. As the Guardian Angel soldiers marched up to the Mesa top with weapons drawn the Party’s boat captain ordered a cannon barrage on the other ship disabling it’s engine. Several on the beach dropped to the ground as bullets chew through their ranks and they watched their ironclad sink with their officer onboard exploding before sinking all the way below the waves. Some soldiers rushed the Mesa for protection or to kill those assisting the party, it wasn’t sure. With no new boat targets the group opened fire with all guns at the invaders.

With the invading force and from what they could tell some of the disciples of Grimme among the dead the party found themselves one step closer to ending the foul unholy priest’s reign over the city and it’s people.

The party headed to Quarrytown to resupply for what would be long journeys ahead and to stay low.

Episode 22: Party on the Island, slaughter on the beach

The party gets back to the island of the Necessity Alliance with Born in a Bowl. Stalks The Night wonders where Eyes Like Fire is and Hu-Jo Lee explains he tried to kill Born In A Bowl so he did not ‘come back’ plus Papa Rattlesnake was killed which got some murmurs in the group.

Note: At the end of [[Episode 21: A Grotto full of Snakes, Flies, and Dead People | Episode 21: A Grotto full of Snakes, Flies, and Dead People]] an adventure card was played so that the act of saving Born In A Bowl gives the group a +2 social bonus with Native Americans that know of the Necessary Alliance.

Stalks The Night attempted to play to his people but even Hu Jo could see through his attempts as covering up he was probably the one that sent Eyes Like Fire on the mission for the exact purpose. With Born In A Bowl stating she did not need Hu Jo to rough up Stalks The Night he made his own unspoken threat before they stayed the night for a feast and party.

The party woke the next morning to people on the beach and Hu Jo lettings the rest of the party know people were on the beach and they were probably here to steal their stuff… not having any stuff really Hu Jo was all that concerned personally. With the group getting dressed or just coming out in their birthday suit and changing in public, Hu Jo changed up his original statement to that there were people from Lost Angels here and they were probably here to try and kill them and then take their stuff… and possibly eat them from what they had been told by NPC – Sam Q Hellman.

With the ’peaceful attempt to state they were looking for wanted criminals by the names of Amanda Swansbury, Sebastian Moran, Hu-Jo Lee, Running Wolf, Dr. Hindenburg, and Captain Menard the party found out they each have a 500 gold bounty on their head in Lost Angels. The parley for a bit asking for a general description and discuss the semantics and process of turning in the bounty.

Meanwhile Hindenburg ends up teleporting the group to their boat before lighting up the beach and the ironclad boat. In the midst of the battle Captain Menard gives a rousing speech that gives the enemy a moment of pause since it was quite motivational but seemed out of place in the middle of a fight. Hu Jo watched and cheered others on as they fired guns since it wasn’t in his skill set, but the ironclad was sunk, of the dozen men on the beach most were cut down by gun, gatling gun, and cannon fire with the last of their numbers being taken out by the native americans or the group since Sebastian wasn’t going to let fanatical cannibals pretending to be good Christians say they were surrendering, since they were pretty zealot they’d probably rush someone and try and take them out in the process.

The group make their way back to Junction so the crew could get some R&R and lay low with the boat. The party would make their way in the direction the finger Hu Jo had was pointing.

1 XP Awarded.

Episode 21: A Grotto full of Snakes, Flies, and Dead People

The party end up dropping off the main person they came to rescue and find out Grimme is leading a cult of cannibals and is immortal. Someone knows how to kill him their primary charge explained, a shaman by the name of Sees Far Ahead the Native American former leader of the Necessity Alliance but to find the person who knows how to kill Grimme they’ll need to find someone who knows how to find him, a woman by the name of Born in a Bowl. Going to the area she supposedly reside the party find out that she had been kidnapped and to get her help she will need to be rescued. Hu Jo thinks this to be simple enough.

Walking on driftwood, gnarled mangrove roots, and flotsam with sharks just under the surface doesn’t seem to bother Hu Jo which he mentions is just another day of ‘training’ to him. As the party make their way into a grotto Hu Jo and Running Wolf find the ceiling covered or made or kachina dolls with rotten fruit and vegetables for heads which made are large amount of flies buzzing around the area. With the small passage and shaky ground the group slowly move forward with Hu Jo sighing before he crawled between Running Wolfs legs and sprang forward explaining ‘Everyone walk too slow’. Finding a room full of dead Indian bodies Hu Jo let everyone know there were a lot of dead Indians in the first room.

Poking one since the eyes seemed to follow him Hu Jo looked around surpsied when they all started to moan loudly, he tried to shush them but resorted to pummeling the sitting corpses. The rest of the group was a bit freaked out about it and Hu Jo himself felt a little drained but continued to pummel the moaning corpses trying to get them to stay quiet. Out of the 13 five had fallen silent but Sebastian finally walked through the area and said to leave the dead in peace.

Hu Jo spotted someone covered in brambles and felt something like a splinter poke him. He scowled and looked around stating there was a person in the room but it didn’t look like they had a bowl. As the group moved in with Eyes Like Fire, one of their guides, in the lead a man walked out of a shadow and pulled something out of thin air and threw it, several rattlesnakes fell to the ground around the body and in front of Eyes Like Fire. Sebastian simply stated, ‘Well that guys evil…’ and opened fire slamming the evil shaman into the wall but he was still up, Amanda shot him next since he was on shaky legs but he laughed madly until Hu Jo the small Chinaman that he was flew through the air landing in front of him a flurry of fist and feet shocking the evil shaman that he was finally taken down by someone half his size.

Seeing the person in the brambles was bleeding but had no bowl he figured this was probably who they needed to find since it was a lady. Still no bowl. Hu Jo pulled out a hand hachet to cut away the bramble but considering the injuries he cried out to Sebastian desperately. Hu Jo saw Eyes Like Fire diving towards the injured woman though with his warclub in the air. Between Hu Jo martial arts and Sebastian’s large bullets he went down. Sebastian healed the woman who they found out was indeed Born in a Bowl. The other Shaman was kept away for a bit since they didn’t know if she also was like Eyes Like Fire and would just attack the captured woman.

Born in a Bowl after being filled in explained some things about finding Far Seer, needing someone in the group to cut off her pinky the group was a bit ashamed at how ineffective Hu Jo was at cutting off her pinky, Sebastian took care of his fatigue and they were still disappointed. Hu Jo was pretty sure he heard someone explain they knew why he stuck to fighting with only his fist. But with a finger on a leather thong they now had a way to find Sees Far Ahead possibly.

Hu Jo also picked up a kachina doll for the road minus the rotten fruit head.

2 XP Awarded.

Episode 20: Prison Break; Werewolves; and Attacking the Coast Guard
Typical Saturday in the Maze

The team make it to their appointment in a roundabout way after cause a bit of a ruckus in Lost Angels. In short it involved a prison break, freeing the person they went in to get and a few others. Some of them had a pretty rough story the party find out. After springing the prisoners and Hu Jo blowing up the boiler they party make it out into the high seas to find one of the prisoners to be a blood thirsty werewolf, the party battle on the decks with several bullets going into the beast until Hu Jo gave up and just knocked it off the moving riverboat and declared “They go away now”. The night ended in the early morning after being pursued by two of the Lost Angels Coast Guard ships to which the party blow up in a high speed chase.


Prisoners Freed:
Charley Bill Buckner
Sam Q Hellman
Sheriff Job “Hogleg” Dunston
Eddie Griff

Episode 19: Dirty Confessions and Dockside Destruction

With the crew in Lost Angels to make their Saturday Appointment in three days they notice the warning to outsiders and anyone seen practicing witchcraft (Any deemed magical or unholy in the eyes of the Guardian Angels also known as anything they aren’t doing that’s super natural). Talks in town of a killer slaying woman in the night and stuffing them with fish is odd even for the Maze.

The party watch as a prison break of sorts seems to break out and the party for the most part seem to watch, with the Doctor having the outlaws randomly kill each other. The party moves into action to take down the Guardians once Hu Jo speaks up and takes action (He was fine watching until a Chinaman seemed to be the focus of the attacks). With the outlaws killed off Hu Jo frees the prisoners pulling the Chinaman into a back ally before using a forbidden technique; Fènnù dì hǎilóng fēngkǒu (Raging Sea Dragon Sealing Technique) that brings someone back from the dead but it’s very rare and chances of working are slim. A wild eyed Chinaman looks at Hu Jo who pats him on the back saying, ’He’s okay now’. The thought to be dead Chinaman and prisoners opt to escape the area as whistles are hears all around the area. They let Hu Jo know if they’re ever in the Grid look them up.

Also opting to make themselves scarce the group find a bar to look into the local murder, since there is a reward for stopping the killings. With Running Wolf, Dr. Hindenburg, playing cards to stir up the rumor mill and Amanda Swansbury just being a pretty face and a sweet voice in a rough town they find a bit of information about the rumors on the killer as well as a few other things.

With the plan of Amanda walking alone at night at the docks they party waits in the fog with Hu Jo oddly enough walking a few feet from Amanda and never being noticed. With several figures coming out of the water from the ladder on the docks the party picks off their number one by one until the final one jumps back into the water. Not being able to see him Amanda jumps into the water after him to catch the last of the would be killers to put an end to this once and for all. Hu Jo yells out big fish excitedly and Sebastian clarifies it as Shark. More guards show up shooting at the party since in the fog undead waterlogged killers look like normal people recently killed, plus the team realize the Guardian Angels like any reason there is to stir things up and kill outsiders it seems. The Shark trying to attack Amanda overshoots slamming into the marine wall under the docks giving Amanda a platform to get up on the ladder to escape since the fight is not over and no one ever wears a wet dress and brings a pistol to a fight against a 40 foot shark.

With a gun fight ensuing with the Guardian Angels the Doctor opting to just use the large shark told the party to duck as the shark flew through the air and chomped down on a Guardian Angel. This oddly enough didn’t seem to phase the others and they didn’t opt to help their companion, instead they called for reinforcements. The group opted to kill the rest of the Guardians out of self defense, miscommunications, and also for being jerks. Before leaving the Doctor opted to suggest they frame the shark, Sebastian reminded him of all the bullet wounds. Hu Jo picked up a gun and put it on the Shark’s fin and to him it seemed like the perfect crime no one would expect before pocketing a whistle from one of the Guardians. The party opted to leave the area before more guards showed up, plus the doctor said the shark was going to be grumpy pretty soon.

The Captain, Sebastian, Running Wolf neared the boat and was glad the group had managed to get away before realizing at the same time Hu Jo, Amanda, and the Doctor were thinking the same thing at the Hotel getting their stuff. Both groups realized the party had split put managed the best they could. The group at the docks managed to get onto the ship and take out a patrol with Sebastian making a new friend, a wolf hybrid dog breed that had been trained to kill. Sebastian figured it was an animal of God and it was a lot better off with him than the evil Guardians. The hotel group needed to get the luggage quick to which Hu Jo vanished and luggage appeared piece by piece before he came back and said done. With the Doctor stating they wouldn’t be seen they snuck out the front seeing the inn keeper. He stated looking at the front that there was another way out hearing all the whistles outside of more patrols. Hu Jo stood completely still with some of Amanda’s bags since that’s the best way to not be noticed. A supposedly unseen Doctor requested him to point it out. After getting directions a stack of $20 in gold eagles dropped onto the front counter before the party rushed to the basement and found a secret door into the sewers.

The rest of the party readied the boat since it was probably a good idea to get out of town as more patrols seemed to be making their way to the docks.

Meanwhile Hujo gave the bag to the Doctor and said he’s be right back before vanishing. Several feet ahead of them they saw him looking into the sewers where he announced his discovery, the water had poop in it and that’s not the way to go probably since it’s stinky. Rushing off into the darkness with a lantern he came back and motioned them to a bridge across the waterway. Once across he vanished again sprinting off into the darkness at rapid speeds. Yelling over his shoulder he mentioned glyphs on the wall before going silent. Coming back again he explained he ‘Find way, they go now.’ Little by little Hu Jo scouted out what he figured was a safe path until they came to a doorway, opening it and walking up found the trio looking at six Mexicans six guns and a card table. A priest as well looked at them a bit surprised since they didn’t know about the secret door possibly. Between Hu Jo’s naivety of the situation and Amanda’s smooth talking they didn’t open fire. It seemed the priest NPC – Father Juan Gutierrez was in hiding since Grimme was putting down all other holy men, which didn’t seem like a very ‘Good thing’ to Hu Jo to be doing. They offered to help the three get to the docks safely. Hu Jo opted to ask the man about a book which was a pretty old bible and a letter he had from several months ago. He asked if the man could make sure the letter and book (bible) got to the right people when he had time and didn’t get tossed in the garbage or burned. Thanking Hu Jo and the Doctor who gave the Padre a bit of a donation for his kindness.

The trio made it to the docks to see several Guardians attacking the ship. The Mexican roughnecks that had guided them started reaching for guns when the wail of something luminescent got their attention, the bleeding eyed creature with wings looked like an angel. They opted to part ways suddenly reminded they had a bible study session.

The ship opened up on the Guardians and Sebastian prayed hoping he was in the right as he aimed at the Fallen Angel as it neared unaffected by heavy Gatling fire or pistols. As his gun glowed it let loose like a canon a small flame spitting out after firing a bullet that lodged into the Fallen Angel’s midsection and exploded. Meanwhile the Doctor had teleported through his use of science to the boat with the other two with him and Hu Jo explained they should go. The vision in front of Sebastian was bittersweet as the form of the Angel shattered and a demon injured and in pain writhed on the ground melting into the earth catching fire. He had seen an Angel, unfortunately it was truly a Fallen Angel blinding humans it seemed, especially the Guardian Angels since they opted to stand shocked and paused in attacking with the realization of what they had seen and trying to make sense of it.

Spanish Town Plothook
Men of the Grid Plothook

Episode 18: Jumping the Blood Shark

The party find themselves looking for a killer of women on the docks of Lost Angels to find what seemed to be a Jail Break possibly. The party didn’t get involved until Hu Jo saw a fellow Martial Artist getting gunned down. With both sides gunned down and the prisoner’s and Hu Jo’s new friend escaping they try to find out more about the murders.

Hu Jo finds out a bit about the prisoners being part of the Men of the Grid as well as his new found friend.

After loosing a large amount of money for one party member at the Shark Bite Saloon, a bowl of Shark Fin soup and several bottles of sarsaparilla the party find out that the killer on the docks only attack woman that are alone at night on the docks.

They also find out someone’s been blowing up the Navy ships of Lost Angels as soon as they build a new one and finish outfitting one they blow up one of the ships in the harbor making it hard to set sail to route the elusive Men of the Grid. The party have a meeting in Perdition at a bar in a few days and news of a bar in Ghostrock Town still up and running but surrounded by the undead sparked Adventurer – Sebastian Moran‘s interest since the dead should stay dead and not try and harm innocent people. Plus there’s an all call for immediate detainment and execution by bullet, hanging, and possible fire at the stake for anyone showing any signs of witchcraft, which was defined as anything the Guardian Angels thought to be fishy. Plus the rumor of something going on in Spanish Town.

With the party having their now sole female member play as the bait they attack the undead that shamble out of the water to assault her. With the Guardian Angel’s assuming the party to be murdered of the undead and a Blood Shark appearing after one of the undead killers gets away the party end up killing another patrol and framing the Blood Shark for the reason they were blowing the whistle. Hu Jo ever up for a good idea since he had so few dragged the only living Guardian over into the Sharks mouth while it was docile to frame it for the murder of the Guardians.

Although the party find they won’t be able to probably collect the award for solving the mystery of what was killing women a generous donation from the dead and bigoted Guardian Angels made up for it. The party also find papers on the water undead for orders to work a vessel called the Sourge of the Sea.

Plot Hooks:
Exploding Lost Angels Ships and the Men of the Grid (Hu Jo got a random in to talk with them)

Ghostrock Town Undead

Meeting at a Bar in Perdition

Hijinks in Spanish Town

2 XP Awarded

Episode 17: 3 Tree Island Rats
The map was how big??????

Place Holder text

Episode 16: Crushing the cult

With the party dry again they move up the path and find themselves in what looks like a jail. Seeing cultist Hujo waves since he’s dressed the same, the rest of the party showing up behind him make a small battle quickly ensue. After disabling the cultist guards and freeing the people the team moves towards the house. But with gun shots from earlier they come out in force. The group quickly dispatch the reinforcements as they come in waves and move around the house looking for the Mayor. As the party split up Hujo is the first to find more cultist due to his speed (Tǔ láng túxí) techniques. He’s the one that find the Mayor playing a piano with a demon looking at Hujo. Fortunately he’s quick enough to shut the door, put a potted plant in front of it, yell out, “Demon! Hide!”, go hide before a supernatural battle ensued. Most said the Demon didn’t seem to care about getting shot but Sebastian prayed to the Lord and he answered with divine punishment in the form of Sebastian’s Long barreled rifle. Hujo noticing the Demon was busy with the guy hurting him dove past him into the room. The mayor looked from Hujo to the shotgun next to him at the door and sneered. He blinked in surprise as Hujo moved the distance over furniture in that blink and was already attacking the man. Once he was sure the old man demon summoning Mayor was dead he asked the group if the Demon was still out there.

After searching the house for evidence so they wouldn’t be thrown in jail. No one would believe they killed a demon that Mayor had summoned since it turned to ash when it left the mortal world the party went outside to see smoke rising from the town. With the Mayor dead no one was controlling the dragon. The Lost Angel’s Militia in town looking for the party high tailed it out much like most of the town during the chaos. Finding their contact that had told them how to get into the cave system they gave him the evidence on the Mayor, keeping a finders fee of gold found for services rendered and nots on the indian cave drawings the mayor had wrote over the years. With the Mayor’s infernal house burnt down by Sebastian and the entrance to the dragon caves blown up by Hujo the party opted to make their way back and wait for Captain Blood.

Episode 15: Caverns, Cultists, and Dragons
The team opt to sneak into the Mayor's house

With the party deciding to find a way into the Mayor’s mansion through the cave system they find someone who knew about the caves before the Mayor came into town. After finding a place they were told they sneak in during low tide and have a run in with some baby dragons while examining Indian cave drawings. After killing them the part sneaks off to find out when the tunnel the need to go is. They find a large storage area and most of them are scared off. Hujo manages to clobber one while Sebastian turned the other three into red mist with divine retribution. A team is a bit shocked when Hujo is putting on a dead man’s robe, gun, belt, and dragon knife to look like the cultists killed.

Eloise spends too much time looking at a drawing of how to sacrifice people to control a dragon which got her funny looks from the rest as they backed away. Hujo finding where the cultist had come from shuffled off saying he’d scout ahead. Using the lantern and going ahead of the rest with his face covered Hujo figured he’d make the best scout, if he saw things he’d tell the rest that snuck behind him, if he didn’t see someone they’d call out to him and everyone would know where the person was.

After seeing more dragon’s Hujo fanned out his robes to look as big as possible telling the rest to sneak behind him to rock outcroppings since the dragons weren’t attacking him. Eventually the team come to the area they needed to and realize they’ll be diving underwater for a bit. Snuffing out the lantern and having Sebastian do some praying the group had a holy light and the ability to breath underwater, getting to the other side in the dim like the party huddle around a fire Sebastian makes and try to figure out there next move.

2 XP awarded


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