Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Episode 14: River Runins and Waking the Dragon
The party head to Dragonhelm to do more good deeds.

The group get up after a free stay in Elizabethtown and debate on if they should go back to Quarrytown or over to Dragonhelm to do more good deeds. With the thought of more weird pictograms out there on the loose the team opts to go to Dragonhelm abd opt to take a ironclad down the river. With the fare only being fifteen cents the party expect there to be some trouble along the way.

While the group got settle on deck Hujo looks for someplace to sit down when grey figures start pulling themselves on board. He opts to point it out to the party and a sailor close by, while the sailor opts to run away Eloise tells the trio of figures to find a lake to jump in with a deck of cards in her hand. Something about her demeanor scared them since two of them did jump back into the river. Sebastian prayed to his Lord for guidance and Hujo rushed up short of the one onboard letting everyone know the things stunk. At this point several more come on board rushing the group, Hujo intercepts and fought monsters mostly from his initial position while Eloise and Amanda traded shots over each other’s shoulders cause them to go slightly deaf for a bit, Jacob found out getting scratched made you sleepy and Sebastian delivered divine judgment. With the battle on the back squared away hearing cries for help from the front had most of the party rushing up to shot down more of the stinky river raider creatures. The last of the critters were taken out by Hujo and the lone soldier at the front of the ship roaring out in revenge for his fellow sailor that got pulled into the river by the creatures.

With the battle over Hujo banged on the captain’s wheelhouse door while he was driving and asked for his money back. With Hujo fifteen cents richer the party land at Dragonshelm. They find out that wasn’t always the town’s name but once the new mayor had come into the town with a ‘tame’ dragon named Jerichco things changed really quick. Anyone who seemed to argue against his position disappeared suddenly making it easy to put himself in the position of mayor. After watching the show with the dragon Eloise noticed an odd collar around it’s neck she thought might be for controlling it.

After Eloise and Amanda did some big eyed batting eyelash persausian they got in to see the dragon up close and Eloise found out the origins behind it. Once back at the inn the party meet up in the girl’s room where she revealed her vision of how the tame dragon came to be. Being a baby dragon and growing up was not the case. Seeing visions of a human sacrifice and a dark ritual by the mayor had the team thinking although the souls were in a tortured state inside the best Sebastians initial thoughts of putting it down seemed to be the best option for it.

Hujo asked the group if they thought they could say they’d liked to be hired as bodyguards against Captain Blood. The thought of someone with a dragon wouldn’t be scared of some pirate was brought up to which Hujo remind the group Captain Blood had a good twelve to sixteen large ships with heavy guns and mexico funding his raids so he wasn’t just some small time pirate. The thoughts of getting into the Mayor’s place from the Dragon’s cave was mentioned by Eloise and Hujo wondered if the Dragon was made at the pictogram, Eloise reminded him they probably didn’t do the ritual here since the stories were the Mayor had come into town with the dragon.

With the party wondering what to do they all looked at Hujo as he ate a pork bon loudly. Looking at the group he stated he figured if the Bodyguard idea didn’t work that sneaking in during a show when the dragon wasn’t in the caves might work if they were lucky. In truth finding evidence on the mayor and turning it over to the Pinkerton’s or the Texas Rangers and backing away would probably be their most indirect method to deal with the situation but it put them out of the sights of getting in another fight with a dragon.

He also thought it was odd the dragon had access to the water and could come and go as he pleased if he was being controlled. The multiple caves and an unseen water route in and out for the dragon seemed to smell like a possible smuggling operation as well possibly. Or a mining operation searching for the pictogram, or something related to dark magic. As the rest of the group stared at Hujo he blinked and looked at the group and started eating another pork bun declaring he liked Pork Buns.

The party had to agree their little chinamen was indeed odd at times.

2XP Awarded

Episode 13: Unlucky Dragons and Peaceful Persuasions
Cheap boat tickets, Dragon attacks in the Maze, peace talks with chinese monks about infernal devices all in the day of a wierd west adventurer

The group get on a boat ride for fifty cents to Elizabeth town to investigate the reports of Martial Artists breaking up several machines of a scientist community. The party run into a Maze Dragon that is a bit surprised on how quickly the team manages to get shots off as the boat pilot attempts to move out of danger. The team ends up running aground although the repairs are manageable. Adventurer – Sebastian Moran manages to get a dragon’s tooth as a trophy and Adventurer – Hu-Jo Lee hopes onto the carcass and severs the creatures tongue among sharks now in a frenzy around the dead dragon and fresh meat.

In Elizabeth the group find out about the martial artist raiders and there’s news of dragon’s at Dragonhelm tame enough to pet. Sebastian mentions he’s killed a dragon after cleaning his gun and checking the sights. The impression of the believability of the words disturbs a few people who opt to leave. For $100 the team agree to talk to the martial artist to not destroy machines. Finding them traversing in nature Adventurer – Amanda Swansbury and Adventurer – Hu-Jo Lee go to tlak to the two down by a stream about why what they’re doing is bad. It turns out the Monks do not condone the use of Ghost Rock so all machines that use it should be destroyed. Amanda manages to persuade them to not destroy any more machines. The monks agree to it for the most part with the exception of truly diaboligical machines that bring more harm then good into the world. Hujo gives them a gift of the Dragon’s Tongue he managed to get a jar for in town as a token of his thanks for their choice and thoughts of wisdom in this matter. When they inquired if his kung fu was what fell the beast Hujo explained it was due to the protection given by infernal weapons on the ship. The two monks agree to ponder on their actions and the realization there are things even martial artist can’t always do that would help normal people. Hujo also gives them the business card of their associate in Shan Fan if they are in the area and feel a need to right wrongs and bring justice as well.

3 XP awarded.

Episode 12 - Captain Blood and Lost Boys

The party moved out to Fort Lincoln to find out more about Captain Blood, unfortunately they found out Captain Blood was a pirate, with a good 50 men behind him and canons on his ship to outnumber his men the party put a pin in how to take him out since it sounded actually pretty complicated. Hujo suggested they ‘give’ them the whiskey that makes people crazy. Going to Quarrytown had the party find out Captain Blood might be back in a week to three weeks giving them time to occupy themselves right smaller wrongs.

Finding a case of a lost boy in Quarrytown had the team looking for the boy after talking to his parents. Oddly enough Hujo spotted what he thought was the boy and jumped down a hole after tying himself off with rope that he gave tot he rest of the group. Finding the boy and a dead body didn’t phase him that much, finding a gold cross had him giving it to Sebastian. After returning to the camp with the lost boy the group got much needed food as thanks. The boy, Palmer Watson, opted to tell them about gold he had found in the abadoned church at the top of the hill.

The next day the people moved out of the area since the building might collapse. Hujo after muttering to himself supposedly figured out a ‘secret Kung Fu technique called Monkey Grip’ he scrambled down into the building with rope finding a body, a letter, a bible, and gold coins. The rest of the group found Hujo when he was in the basement poking a locked chest finding spanish gold coins.

The letter let them know the hole had bad juju officially so Hujo suggested they just blast the tunnel down to the hole so no one can get to it. After devying the loot up the party make their way back to Quarrytown proper to check out another group in need close by.

Awarded 3XP, $200 from finding out who made the Crazy Rot Gut plus who was distrubuting it, 6 gold coins.

Episode 11: At the bottom of a bottle of Whiskey
Want some rye? 'Curse ya do!

Short Version: Reading through the papers the group find one of the secret requests for help with batches of Rot-gut Whiskey turning people crazy and violent more so then usual.

Episode 10: Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan Pt. 2
In a hole down by the river...

Short Version:
Having saved the Captain the party chase down Triad members trying to unearth an evil artifact. Find something in the cave big enough to kill a dozen or so men. After vanquishing it the group take out the Triad’s gang’s head. The party become members of a secret society and Hu-Jo let the Triads of the town know what was happening out of respect.

Long Version:

Episode 9: Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan Pt. 1
The Roof the Roof the roof was on Fire!

Monday, December 23 1879

With the train pulling into the Red Lantern Town District of Shan Fan the party bids goodbye to Col. Frank Wheaton and lets them know if they’re in need of his services to look him up. Once the party got their belongings several in the group noticed the high cost of living in the area since even the price of deals in the street were pretty high.

With the group looking for a place to stay Ms Swanbury asked the group who they were here in town to see. Mr Moran piped up extending a finger and replied it was ‘Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe’. Hujo added of the Explorers Society, probably since it was the easier of the two details to remember. From looking around for a place to stay the group noticed the area was mostly non chinese people.

The group finding out how much the cost of a room per night was opted to ask around for the Captain if people have heard about him or know his whereabouts. Between areas where Red Lantern Town and Splinterville meet the group heard tale from someone where the building is. Finding the Explorers’ Society lodge burned to the ground the group is at odds to figure out what to do. Hujo opts to ask someone but picking them up and shaking them doesn’t seem to be the best of manners having the person eventually squirm away and take off running with no information gathered. Amanda finding an American asked more politely getting in hussed tones that the Society had a run in with the local Triads and quickly walked off looking around. Amanda figured it best for us to find a hotel since this might take a while with the new information gathered.

Ms Vodd did some talking and got everyone a deal on rooms for about half price she explained with Eloise and Amanda bunking together as well as Moran and Hujo bunking together. Once settled in Amanda mentioned the man also suggested seeing Long Hair Tony the Town Marshall. Hujo was ready to go when Eloise opted to say she had to take car of some lady like things. Hujo fell asleep while runners were sent to get the ladies steam trunks, she takes a bath, and decides what to wear.

While they waited on Ms Vodd the group listened to the local rumors at the salon. The main buzz was the big martial arts tournament that happened last month and that the Cloud Dragon Society was already in preparation for the next tournament. A contestant from a minor unheard dojo came out on top upsetting the betting pools and status quo of many.

With word of what happened at Lost Angels and that we were there Ms Swansbury let the locals hear stories of the underground railroad, the war at the end of the Rail Baron wars, the air ship and Ghost Rock bombs from the sky. After the story is told Ms Vodd finally finished getting ready.

While Amanda told stories and Hujo feel asleep while waiting for Eloise Sebastian opted to get a Sunday Newspaper. Flipping through to Page 13 he scanned for headlines of small articles labeled ‘Good Intentions’. Finding to articles he sighes skipping the one mentioning Lost Angels for now. Looking over the other one he’d nod while muttering about Fort Lincoln. Getting up and the party finally ready they head out to see the local law, Long Hair Tony.

With a bit of negotiation for more information on the fire Ms Swansbury found out the Triad had indeed burned down the Explorer’s Society Lodge and the survivors from what he knew were staying at the Sun Rise House. Sebastian asked where the place was and it turned out it was down the block from our hotel. Thanking him we were on our way back to the Red Lantern Town District.

Downstairs we see a bit of everything from a salon to a house gambling area. With a bell hop asking what we need the ladies headed over to have a drink. Sebatian sighed and opted for a cup of coffee.

TBC 46.20
2 XP Awarded

Episode 8: Sol Train!
All Aboard! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The party find themselves traveling on a train on Christmas only to find train jumpers or flyers in the form of raven men/spirits. With the assistance of the Union Cavalry men the train is ride of their tormentors for the rest of the voyage…. until next year at least.

Episode 7: Trail Blazing P3 - Possible Winter Forest Fire Storms
with a chance of dead Martial artists

The party opt to continue north where Hu-Jo meets another martial artist and spars. Afterwards over drinks he learns from his new friend about the two men they were looking for being at the logging camp a few days north of town. With the party splitting up and a heavy snow fall overnight they end up ambushing AXE man and Texas Red plus a group of extra muscle and a mechanical man.

Jerimiah Cranston created a windstorm as a distraction for the ambush.

Causing one of the flunkies setting a tree on fire from the general direction of Jerimiah once he yelled out who to attack, Malcome McRae had a mental breakdown from what happened the last time he saw a tree catch fire. and a fight ensued.

Sebastin opted to take out the man with the flame thrower and followed with Axe man since he shot green ‘unholy’ fire at him. Jermiah seeing the large ghost rock fire picked it up with his windstorm and used it to smite the children who forgot God’s wrath.

The fight was looking like the adventurers had it wrapped up until the automaton opened fire on Hu-Jo dropping him in one go. After the party got Hu-jo back up he pulled out dynamite for his revenge against against the metal man. With Jerimiah yelling at him to stop and and chasing him Texas Red was shot in the back sinking into the mostly frozen river as he ran away and Hujo chased down the last of the hired help taking him down.

Bringing back the last living grunt Hu-Jo asked Malcolm wanted to do with him. The boy mostly calmed down from the burning tree stated he just wanted to go home. Jerimiah on the way back talked to Sebastin about if they were really doing God’s work or not and opted to walk him own path trying to find signs that he was keeping with his Faith.

3XP awarded.

Episode 6: Trail Blazing P2 - Firewood Horror Stories
Treehugger's nightmare.

Amanda having finally woken up noticed the town in shambles but for the most part still thriving or moving on since their life was ruined after the attack. The party opt to check out the Boy’s house to read his dad’s journal and encounter Bullmen again. Getting ready for battle the group actually ask what they wanted. Turns out they wanted to do what the party was going tot do with the Tomahawk, return it to the tomb it came from. With the promise to watch out for the boys when they can since this area was ‘their’ tribal land the party headed out to find the two guys who killed the boy’s father.

Pulled into Eastman’s Creek at Dusk to a dead town, or rather a very paranoid and quiet town.
Didn’t see much of the town but there were people getting hanged by a mystery lynching mob so that explains a lot. Hu-Jo and Jeremiyah had the crazy idea eventually it was the tree that needed to be taken out so there wouldn’t be a lynching tree, but they thought the tree was lynching people. The rest of the group thought they were crazy until the tree up and started attacking them. Good thing they set it on fire and used dynamite to wake it up.

Awarded 3 XP

Episode 5: Trail Blazing P1 - This is Bull
You've got to watch your step when you know the chips are down.

With the party just off a long rough trip by stagecoach Sebastian Moran is propositioned by a young boy to but a Tomahawk off him. Afterhearing the story Hu-Jo Lee seems more willing to buy it and finds out the boy is raising money so the boy can hire some people to take out Kang’s men who were responsible for his ‘Pa’ dieing. The group is sitting down to dinner with the kid trying to find out more to possibly help him find the killers and get vengence (especially Hu-Jo) when a commotion is heard outside. Townsfolk come in and state stampede to which Hu-Jo mentions the man is awful small to be a whole stampede. After finding out it’s outside Hu-Jo goes to look and Eloise Vodd goes to get a drink at the bar.

Outside Hu Jo is the first to see the Stampede and asks Sebastian if Bulls know how to use guns looking confused. The bulls slam into buildings and several walk on two legs both kinds attacking the town. The bar clears out of all able bodies on reques from the lady of the group. The fight is going pretty well with Jerimiah Cranston finally having a settled stomach from Hu-Jo’s homemade ‘Rattlesnake Road Jerky’ joins the fray as the group including the boy clean up the buckin Brama’s.

The party was reloading and recouping (Sebastian saved the boy having been stomped into the ground by one of the man bulls when everything on two legs that had died just up and rose again. Round two of combat started with a little more desperate results going into effect. Eventually the group got the turn of battle (the boy started filling Sebastian in on a few things he knew like shooting the undead in the head works a lot better since it’s how he took down his Pa after he died.)

This time around Sebastian studies the Tomahawk and gets the full story from the boy.

After getting something to eat and some rest the group have some options, track down the last bull to find out where it was going or coming from. Or check out the boy’s home so they can find out what was going on with his father.

3 XP awarded



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