Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Issue 2: The Undead Among us, Inhuman French Tactics.
Session from 20 july 2012

Yes dear readers you read correctly. I’m here to report I have seen firsthand the supernatural beings we knew to be in our current locale are undead zombies; the undead doomed to walk the earth again. Who would turn simple farmers into these damned abominations? Simple, the French. Read on to know more about the treachery that might befall those in your community as well.

Issue 1: Mountain Devil Killings South of the Rio Grande
Firday 6th of July Session

Hello again and welcome to another installment. Since my last write up I’ve learned people don’t always think the civil or smart solution is the most suitable. I’ve been witness also to some rather macabre rumors of killings in Mexico are in fact truth not fiction! Is it a plot by the French? A rapid momentaneous association of some sick minded individual. Maybe either or possibly both but I can tell you with definite certainty it involves the supernatural. Again names have been changed to protect those involved. Thankfully we receives a few more hired guns. They are ‘colorful’ to say the least. Well I’ll take half of that back, one seemed colorful, the other seemed quite serious and business oriented.


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