Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Episode 36: box canyon ambush

Events took place May 27th – May 30th 1880

Traveling over land from Shan Fran out to the Glyph that is said to be under the Devil's Postpile.  When the posse set up camp for the evening, they were joined around the campfire by a group of Guardian Angles out of Lost Angels.  Though the Angles were suspicious of the posse, the night passed without incident, and the groups headed their separate ways after breakfast.

After a couple days travel, the posse encountered a group of Indians near the mouth of a canyon.  Conversations turned ugly when the leader mentioned that the posse was the ones they'd been told might be coming, and attacked.  Gun fire, thrown dynamite, and Indian braves thrown from the top of cliffs followed, and the Posse was victorious.

Ashii, and Running Wolf noticed that the warriors appeared to be from many different tribes, all of which were said to have been completely wiped out by white men (sometimes called Last Sons).  A note, from someone named Raven, was found on the leaders that told them to watch for the posse, and mentioning the Glyph near Mexicali.

Episode 35: Sin Eaters Indigestion

Events take place: May 23 – 26th 1880

< Place Holder >

Glyph Knowledge learned:

The Corpse —> the Devil’s Postpile
The Dragon —> Near New Harmony (N. CA)
The Wheel —> Mexicali, Mexico
The Angel —> Near (maybe under) Lost Angles

Episode 34: Crying Ghosts, Crazy Old Men, and Lying Crows
Start of the next Deadlands turn.

Events take place: May 20 – 22nd 1880

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Episode 33: Attack on Shan Fan and the Battle of Heavenly Park
Nothing like coming back to Shan Fan right before it gets burnt to the ground...

After racing back to Shan Fan, our heroes barely arrive in time to get in to the harbor before Kang’s ships set up a blockade. As soon as the Sanpan they were sailing on touches the dock, the posse made all due haste to get to Big Ear Tam’s estate to tell him of what they had learned of his rival’s plans.

Upon hearing that they planed to attack the city, Big Ear’s Tam Thanked the for their service, released them from any remaining commitment, and delivered the golden Skeleton Key to them. The posse was shown to the gates, as Tam began sending messengers to rally his forces and prepare for the coming war.

The heroes headed to the ruins of the Explorer’s Society lodge. There they found Captain Pennington-Smythe and Rutherford Ellington Dillenger holed up in the lodge’s gothic tower, the only portion of the scorched ruin that still stood. The posse brought the two of them up to date on recent goings on.
Not long after that, the first reports of Gatling guns are heard from east of the city. Bells and gongs begin to ring throughout Shan Fan. Warlord Kwan’s army was approaching.

General Kwan marched into Shan Fan uncontested and secures the Skids, Stinktown, and the Waterfront without shedding much blood. It wasn’t until Kwan’s troops tried to cross Heavenly Park, that Tam’s forces gave battle.
The Explorer’s Lodge gave a fine view of the battle, and the Heroes watched as bullets, fists, clubs, and kicks flew on the once well manicured field of battle. Then they noticed a group of Kwan’s troops heading towards the lodge’s ruins. The battle was fierce and put our heroes’ skills and tactic’s to a powerful test, but even though Kwan’s forces included a Steam Tank, they were readily vanquished.
After the battle for Heavenly Park came to an end with the capture of Kwan by Tam’s guards, the victors and the leaders of the vanquished forces gathered in the street in front of the Lodge’s ruins. It was then that folks notices Kang and his troops approaching.
Kwan (now a prisoner of the Shan Fan defenders) shouted,
“Kang! You worthless traitor. You were supposed to join our forces and bombard the city. You were supposed to ensure our victory! But no matter, for I am destined to rule this land.”
Kang approached without speaking, flanked by his men—all of them fresh and ready for trouble should anyone here be up to giving them some.
“Kwan,” said Kang with a smile. “You’ve done your work well. This will come as a shock.”
Warlord Kang took a sharp breath to focus his chi. There was a sound like a bullet punching through wood as he plunged his fist into Kwan’s chest. General Kwan’s mouth gaped in agonized shock. He looked up at Kang, then fell backward spraying blood, leaving his still-beating heart clenched in Kang’s fist.
Kang turned, holding up General Mu-T’ou Kwan’s dripping heart so all the battle’s survivors can see it.
“Now you see how quickly misfortune can fall upon any one of us. Now you see the results of faithlessness and betrayal.” He throws the heart to the ground. “Now you are all as weak as you perceived me to be. If you served Kwan before, you serve me now.
“Tell Big Ears Tam I’ll need his help rebuilding the Lion’s Roar Triad. In return, the Iron Dragon line will make Shan Fan prosperous again.”
Without another word, Kang departed.

In the aftermath of the War of the Triads, a new era of cooperation between Warlord Kang and the Shan Fan Triad begins. As part of their deal, both sides agree that neither can openly rule Shan Fan any longer, putting in place a leader who will consider the needs of all parties. At the urging of the assimilationist New Tomorrow Triad, it’s finally agreed that Joshua Norton should be Emperor — even if he is a mere figurehead. Any less will harm the triads’ ability to prosper.
In the end, a bewildered-looking Norton I is coronated “Emperor of California”


As the people of Shan Fan set about rebuilding their town, the heroes and their Twilight Legion allies use the golden key to open the vault. Among the treasures and relics in the vault, there is an old fragment of carved stone sealed inside a glass case. The stone has been broken, but a little of the picture carved upon it remains.
To the heroes’ wonder, the stone seems to depict a portion of California. Two lightning-like symbols are carved into the stone, presumably showing the locations of two of the glyphs. One appears to be a ways inland east-northeast from Shannonsburg, near Mammoth Mountain and Kwan Province. The other plainly shows a glyph on the Isle of Ghost’s Tears in Shan Fan Bay.

Episode 31: Sinky Ships and Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting

The party sink the Abysmal and see a gyrocopter take off from it. Shooting it down they find no sign of the passenger that seemed to have gotten away somehow. With the ship sunk they make their way back to Shan Fan and meet someone else wanting to join the party. The group make their way to Big Ears Tams place to report in and find themselves at a celebratory party for the success Hujo finds himself nominated as the Champion for an upcoming contest and anyone else who doesn’t want to take part is hired on as bodyguards. Hujo, Ashii, and Leon the new guy make their way through the fights. Ashii eventually fights Leon and wins. Hujo is surprised by Leon’s actual use of kung fu. Ashii squares off against Hujo you doesn’t fight as quickly suddenly changing styles and tactics. Ashi wakes up to Hujo letting her know he won while he eats dried squid. With the bout over the tournament is drawing to a close with the last bouts about to start.

2XP awarded.

Episode 30: Riots, Side Deals, & Flame Throwers
The party do a job to meet Big Ears Tam and he gives them a hefty task.

With a group of townfolk to back them the party find the hoodlums and make short work of them, due to the high level of violence the party usually sees some opted to just watch. The townspeople sit back once bullets fly until the hoodlums numbers start to twindle. They rally only to see Running Deer in bear form and take off running back to their homes.

The party meet a new member of the group brought in by Peddington Smye. With a meeting set up with Big Ears Tam the group opt to take him up on his offer to get back the white gold skeleton key. Once accepted they find they need to sink one of the ironclad ships plaguing the area, The Abysmal. Hujo wishes they had to sink The Reaver and the party out to figure out how to sink a very large, heavily armed vehicle. Going back to the Explorer’s Society Hujo asks Smye to foot the bill since to get the key back they have to sink The Abysmal. He agrees to get the team the specialize mines they asked for and they plot a course after some research as to where the ship might attack next.

They make their way to where they think the ship will show only to find out the are too late. Scouting out the island the party run into the remaining forces that when to check for what was left over in the mine. After killing most of them Hujo knocks out the last member of the pirates only to wake him up and threaten him as fistpoint with the idea of experiencing what it would be like to be eaten alive by a landshark (while prodding him with a sharktooth iron knuckle. With word The Abysmal would be back in two days Hujo suggests they take the cache of Ghost Rock for Captain Manard’s ship, sit all the bodies up to wait for their people to return.

2 XP Awarded
40 lbs Ghost Rock (Cap M’s now)
2 Backpack Flame Throwers
5 Colt Thunder pistols (One claimed by Hujo without bullets)

Episode 29: From Texas with Love; Don't step on my Sharkskin Shoes
The party finish up on Crazy Whatley Island and head back to Shan Fan

The party try to figure out what to do in the cavern with Hujo attempting to mine Ghost rock unsuccessfully until the sound of explosions above rock the caves sending more tremors and the group rushing for the exit. Fighting 15 men and three orgers sounded better than being buried alive.

The group saw a group of flying men fighting the forces that had probably come from the mining camp and the Reaver. While the new found allies gunned down the Maze Rats that tried to attack them the group mostly dealt with the Ogres that rushed towards them. Running Wolf gunned down one of them causing them to charge, Hujo having fought one before ended up delivering a few sucker punches that took the charging Ogres down quickly. Dealing with the remnants of the forces their new allies hadn’t gunned down it came down to the Chinese wizard who got away eventually.

With the group wondering what to do realizing the allies were Texas Rangers they watched Hujo go over to say hello. It turns out telling them there were slug men dark mages, ghost rock, and a bloody sigil on the wall didn’t seem to faze them that much. With the request for the Rangers to blow up the Reaver the party sat quiet for a bit before Hujo asked if they could go since he ran out of things to say. The Captain of the flying unit stated they could if they kept silent. Amanda asked how much it was worth before Sleeping Wolf forcefull escorted her to the docks walking rigidly and saying over his shoulder to have a lovely day.

On the docks Hujo remembered something and went back asking if he could have the heads of the Ogres that he killed. He was told no by the Captain since it would be evidence they exist which would be bad… Hujo reminded them they eat children via the fairy tales of old in China. This didn’t really help his case much and after some thought and a heavy sigh he pulled out the head of the one he had already killed from his backpack and pouted a bit. He was rewarded with a $20 gold coin though and thanks from the Captain.

Coming back down Hujo asked if anyone was hurt and Running Wolf mentioned his wound, Running Deer started to chant and the Doctor reached for his bag, Hujo spit on his wound and rubbed dirt on it and asked if he felt better. When Running Wolf raised an eyebrow and stated yes Running Deer and the Doctor shock their head… mutters of the oddity of the event and musings of what Hujo ate came up as he chased a lizard around the doc for a bit after pointing at it and declaring it a snack.

With the Captain Menard pulling up he asked what happened hearing more explosions, or rather feeling the island shake and the plumes of smoke. Hujo explained in a manner only he could… with an eye twitch and rubbing the bridge of his nose the Captain asked again in normal term. The trip back to Shan Fan went by uneventfully. Once in Port Hujo jumped from the ship asking someone in Chinese something. Pulling out large Shark Teeth he declared aloud he was going to Stinktown taking off in a sprint. Running Wolf tried to keep up with the half pint bullet darting through the crowd to join him. Running Deer took the time to commune with nature. The Doctor went to check on messages from the society and found out there was a letter.

He did check the local paper and there was the odd story of the end of the trial for Dr. Hindenburg after several days of testimony for the charges brought against him Hindenburg had a chance to defend himself. Asking for his glasses to read the charges he simply states there was no concrete proof and this whole court case was a waste of the judge’s time since it was a pile of cow chips. The judge slammed down his gavel stating he agreed and the case was dismissed. Hindenburg was given his belongings back was last seen leaving the building. Agents of the City of Lost Angels were on the look out to recapture and retry him for the crimes he had commited.

Meanwhile Hujo and Running Wolf found the best tailor and leatherworker in Stinktown. Supposedly it would take three days which shocked Hujo. He asked if he could hurry up since he wanted this new gloves now. The crafter reminded him there were a lot of other customers with orders as well ahead of him on the list. Running Wolf put down twenty dollars and asked if it could be done sooner. When the man checked the coins and said a day and a half Hujo put down the same amount stating he wanted his stuff quicker as well.

With the party mostly settling in they reviewed the letter and realized the secret place they needed to meet and sneak into was the place they were staying. Hujo was sent to get Captain Menard and the group spent the night sleeping in warm beds for a change.

It seems Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe had been trying to destroy the amulet the party had recovered before. Attempts so far had it as indestructible. Hujo muttered about attaching it to his gloves then and spaced out. The rest of the crew found out there was a basement vault under the destroyed Explorer’s Society building with things that may help the group as well as the means to destroy the amulet. Hujo popped back into the conversation to see if there were any glowing hats. After being disappointed someone asked why they had to make sure they weren’t followed to the meeting. It turns out it was due to Kwan having spies in the area and that he wanted the amulet. Hujo offered he might know how to destroy it and Smythe reminded them why he wanted it in the first place, to raise people from the dead. By people he explained he meant the most evil of mean, being ripped from hell and brought back wouldn’t make them nice or weaker. Hujo nodded understanding that it was a bad idea to give it to Kwan. Also the vault wasn’t an option until they got a key back from Big Ears Tam he won in a poker game.

The team opted to deal with the spies first. One of the spies tried to attack Running Wolf causing Running Wolf to shot him dead. With the Sheriff being called up he learned Running Wolf’s situation and that the other guy shot first. Considering there was a bounty on the man who had been murdered the Sheriff wasn’t too worried… Running Wolf wondered how much. Meanwhile Hujo, Running Deer, and Amanda opted to sneak into the park and observe the other two. With Running Deer hitting them in the head and them still standing Hujo sighed delivering two spinning backspin kicks causing them to stiffen and fall over before passing out. Hujo poked them with a stick and declared them alive. With rope and blankets borrowed from the hotel Captain Menard and the Doctor were told of the group’s actions making their way back to the ship. Running Wolf came back to the hotel through the park to see Running Deer shouldering carrying both men and the trio wondering what to do with the now that they were knocked out. He explained the third one wasn’t so lucky and between the four of them they got them back to the ship.

Running Deer got them to talk about what they were spying on and why. It seems Kwan knew Smythe still had the amulet and wants it. Hujo asked how many of them there were and failed at intimidating them. The numbers had him constantly asking if he had the total right since he was confused. With him on the ground counting on his feet as well they finally explained it was just the three of them due to Hujo and Running Deer arguing on the number and asking them to confirm after an hour of banter about it.

The team started wondering what they should do and started to talk about a plan. Hujo asked everyone to be quiet and kicked both men in the face knocking them out again before he put on his sandals and asked them to continue. Explaining they were the bad guys they didn’t get to hear the plans, the bad guys are the ones that tell their plans in front of the good guys.

They opted to figure out how to talk to Big Ears Tam and Sleeping Wolf mentioned he needed to get his reward. Hujo explained the Sheriff might be able to get them an audience with Big Ears Tam and the Spies probably weren’t related. The next morning it turned out the reward for the three mean was $150 dollars and Hujo stated that was $25 a piece. Everyone turned to look at him since he had a hard time figuring out the number of spies. Hujo held up a hand and reminded them that it was a matter of money so Hujo knew.

With the promise of an audience for doing a favor the team realized they were doing someone a favor to get a possible audience to do a favor to get back something that wasn’t supposed to be gambled away to hopefully destroy a very powerful dangerous artifact.

In any event the party just had to rough up some local gang members outside Red Lantern Town on the north side of Stinktown. Hujo suggested they go through Stinktown after noon time since they’d be sluggish from lunch. Running Wolf asked if he just wanted to pick up his gloves… Hujo admitted it in a quiet voice.

With his new gloves Hujo took several practice jabs and Sleeping Wolf nodded in approval hopping up onto the ball of his feet a few times. When the party was ready to go Hujo on the way found a large group of locals shuffling about. Pausing the group he jumped to a table top explaining that the ‘round eyes’ were getting robbed coming out of Red Lantern Town or going into Red Lantern Town when passing through Stinktown. This meant less money in their pockets as the crafters and laborours of Stinktown. He knew first hand why they were sticking in Stinktown, they had the best products and they wanted the ‘round eyes’ money. Hujo stated he though that was wrong. That was the money of the people of Stinktown. If round eyes were scared to come into the area for fear of getting robbed they wouldn’t bring as much money… they wouldn’t buy things. It was time to take back the streets, Stinktown was their’s, and the ‘round eyes’ money should be there. Hujo added in Chinese if the ‘round eyes’ tourist felt safe they could overcharge them and if they complained state it cost more since they were paying for the round eyes protection… not really but what do ‘round eyes’ know? This got several laughes, cheers, and snares from the crowd. As the party walked towards the area they’d be doing the beat down there were twice as many locals following them.

Hujo smiled at the group bumping his fists together, [b]“Okay we go now.”[/b] he stated with an impish grin.

2 XP awarded

Running Wolf Acquired: Sharkskin Moccasins 2 to Stealth
Hu Jo Acquired: Shark Tooth Iron Knuckle Gloves (Damage = Spirit +d6

Episode 28: Down in the caverns Dark Mage Slugs and Hujo's Spit
The next glyph is found, Evil Slugs discovered, & Hujo's... spit

With a set of mining equipment and some sticks of dynamite the party sans the Captain make their way through the cave in to find a maze of tunnels, the party opts to just keep following the left turns and eventually come to a small raised area, seeing Ihav Noname as Hujo called him they find out he managed to get all the way here by himself. Plus he found his family, that happened to have turned into squid people… Also they found out they, the Whatley’s family wanted to kill the team. Several bullets into the weird people and punches didn’t seem to help that much since they seemed to come back to life. Between Hujo using a secret technique, Running Deer mauling several of them the tides eventually turned after a long heated battle. Battered the party tried to heal themselves up except for Hujo who spit on his wounds and rubbed dirt on it… although it disturbed people when tribal medicine and modern medicine failed others Hujo offered to heal other people with his spit. Although dubious everyone felt better afterwards which confused most people especially the doctor.


Hujo Unlocks Special Healing Skill: Hujo’s Spit (Heals a 1d4-1)

Episode 27: Big Sharks and dark Isles with a Chinese Orge

The party opt to head back to the boat versus stay the night at a mansion of a man who didn’t know his name that had been around for about two years and had visions or nightmares at night of a tentacle creature chasing him. With a thick fog rolling in this became a little slower than the party would have liked.

On the way back they encountered several pale people that turned out to be Faminittes the Doctor explained after the party killed them all. Highly contagious he thought and filled with a hunger for flesh. Hujo wondered if they were from Lost Angels.

The party made their way out to sea but a large blood shark trying to jump on deck and eat Running Wolf had the group up rather quickly due to his screaming and the boat suddenly jerking from a seven foot wide head plopping onboard. Several people took pot shots while Hujo figured the best move was to punch the Shark in the eye. This proved surprisingly effective with Amanda pivoting the heavy front cannon enough to take a shot blowing it’s head apart and off the boat. Hujo fished out some teeth and a bit of meat and fin. Mention of Shark Fin soup for breakfast and having done his part had him going to bed. The captain moved the ship away before a feeding frenzy started and eventually the night passed on and the fog lifted.

The captain opted to move to a nearby mining operation that wasn’t even really a town. The team went in for resupplies and Hujo opted to find someone to mount his shark teeth on his gloves but he couldn’t find a tailor really that did more than mend socks. With some salt for his fish he opted to wait for later as the team found out where the cave they needed to find likely was. A Dark Isle that everyone who went to for mining vanished or opted to go back East driven insane by what they saw. Since it seemed pretty creepy the party opted to check it out.

What they found was a island that looked mostly devoid of human life. A wisp of steam from the bay had the group making a swift u turn in their boat. One of Kang’s larger flagships an ironclad was in the middle of the cove.

The part opted to find another area to land at and found a series of stone steps in the side of the island leading up to a mansion or what was left of it. The team snuck up to the island proper and found tracks, between Hujo and Running Wolf they figured there were patrols in the area. Hujo pointed out the larger than human footprints were probably from a Chinese Ogre. With these cautionary tales the group snuck into the ruins of what was once a mansion. It seemed to have been attacked within the last few days. Hujo and Running Wolf wanted to search for a basement since stone would have held up better.

With a collapse in the basement the party figured it was their private entrance into the caves which Kang had probably taken over for the Ghost Rock.. The party figured their best bet was to take out the patrol so they could dig out the area they needed to more easily. Once ambushed the party took out most of the patrol which turned out to be Chinese. With the Chinese ogre falling Hujo looked at the loan survivor and he pulled a knife off and severed the head of the Orge and asked him to help them since he probably didn’t want to die. Having seen the results of the gunned companions of Hujo and the fact he had attacked the Ogre head off injuring him badly before his party gunned it down he submitted. The man explained he would not help overthrow Kang but Hujo opted to let him know they didn’t want to do that or to steal the ghost rock. They just needed to look at a symbol in the caves that may house a demon that might come out and banish it.

Normally people would think this sounded crazy but considering Hujo was holding the head of an Ogre it seemed somewhat plausible. With the promise of getting mining equipment in exchange for his life Hujo figured they could dig up the area they needed to in a few hours versus the days it would have normally taken. With the news of there being boat patrols as well, plus the patrol not showing up tonight raising alarms they had to work quickly but it seemed doable.

Someone asked Hujo what he would do with the ogre’s head since it would start to rot and stink soon. He reminded them he had a lot of salt.

2 XP Awarded.


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