Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Issue 1: Mountain Devil Killings South of the Rio Grande
Firday 6th of July Session

Hello again and welcome to another installment. Since my last write up I’ve learned people don’t always think the civil or smart solution is the most suitable. I’ve been witness also to some rather macabre rumors of killings in Mexico are in fact truth not fiction! Is it a plot by the French? A rapid momentaneous association of some sick minded individual. Maybe either or possibly both but I can tell you with definite certainty it involves the supernatural. Again names have been changed to protect those involved. Thankfully we receives a few more hired guns. They are ‘colorful’ to say the least. Well I’ll take half of that back, one seemed colorful, the other seemed quite serious and business oriented.

Issue 2: The Undead Among us, Inhuman French Tactics.
Session from 20 july 2012

Yes dear readers you read correctly. I’m here to report I have seen firsthand the supernatural beings we knew to be in our current locale are undead zombies; the undead doomed to walk the earth again. Who would turn simple farmers into these damned abominations? Simple, the French. Read on to know more about the treachery that might befall those in your community as well.

Episode 1: Derailed! The Mystery of the Underground Railway

On a train out west for fortune, fame, or possibly just a better life the party find themselves enjoying the liesurely trip when shutters drop on the train’s windows and the attendant in the care pulls a lever and stands next to a mounted gattling rifle facing the door. As Hu-Jo Lee starts peeking through the shutters he asks Nahuel why people like him are outside. Looking the older man explains they are not like him since they are Navajo and he is Crow. As Amanda Swansbury gets curious and starts to look out as well the train screeches to a halt rapidly before everything is set tumbling and goes black.

The group wakes to find the wreckage of the train cart they’re in and a massive crater ahead of them where the first two cars should be. The warcry of the Indian Braves as someone runs by on fire screaming pierces the air before an arrow hits them. The party springs into a battle for survival or death as the Braves attack dropping their numbers to one prisoner and the leader of the group escaping on horseback out into the dessert. With the current crisis over the rear caboose conductor states a team was sent for an engine from the last station they pasted through to pull them back. While the party help the shocked and injured they do notice why the two front cars are missing and their car was ripped to shreds. The train car sized hole ahead showed the remains of the front cars the strain of holding up two cars destroying the car they were in.

The conductor offer the group $50 each to investigate the area below since there is another set of railroad tracks beneath. From the prisoner they find the indians think a great earth Mantiou spirit angered by the pale ones ripped a hole in the ground to remind them of who more powerful. The braves seeing the hole in advance and the train coming towards it opted to just wait and pick through the wreckage to do some looting after the event that would happen.

Acquired: 2xp
Amanda Swanbury a Chance to make $50 for looking down a spooking tunnel cavern with railway tracks

Eloise Vodd a Chance to make $50 for looking down a spooking tunnel cavern with railway tracks; one ruined dress; one gatling Rifle

Hu-Jo Lee a Chance to make $50 for looking down a spooking tunnel cavern with railway tracks; one new rival to show his superior fighting skills to in the form of an Indian Brave

Jerimiah Cranston a Chance to make $50 for looking down a spooking tunnel cavern with railway tracks; thoughts of a trail from God in his journey

Nahuel a Chance to make $50 for looking down a spooking tunnel cavern with railway tracks; the gratitude of the surviving passengers for his help

Episode 2: Back on Track but still in the Dark!

Nahuel explained he knew getting on the train was a bad idea since the white man’s demon machines only bring chaos and destruction. After setting up his teepee he said he would not join us but one of the other passengers offered to take his place as a thanks for saving him from the wreckage plus it was probably God’s work since he moved in mysterious ways. The party meet Sebastian Moran

With the promise of $50 to check out what’s going on down the hole that collapsed the group takes a bit of provisions and climb down. Hu-Jo lights a lantern and moves along to invenstigate as the rest follow suit and start moving down the tunnel the party hears an explosion behind them about an hour later. Seeing Hu-Jo take off running and saying ‘We go now!’ the rest of the party feels the vibrations and move to the side, jeremiah putting his lantern down on the tracks thinking they might stop. As the party find places out of the path of the train Jeremiah watches his lantern get destroyed as a train bellows past. Whitachi logo on the side of the train let us know who we were dealing with.

Hu-jo and Amanda opt to say they’ll scout ahead with Hu-Jo giving his lantern to Eloise. Jeremiah dismisses the need and walks down the center of the track. The group is brought up in the rear by Eloise and Sebastian. The party make their way down the tunnel at their own speeds until they come across an iron man, a statue standing motionless in the darkness until light hits it. As the party move past Jeremiah is the first to see some people and the tail end of a train most like the one that past us.

Mr. Buckner was friendly but when Jeremiah explained what had happened and why we had come down he became all business. With his hand moving to his belt he said their company couldn’t have us going back and telling people what we saw since it would bring in a whole heap of trouble on them. He offered to let us meet who was in charge and see what we could work out but Jeremiah didn’t like the tone of the man’s voice. While some in the party opted to not say anything and remain hidden the party mostly didn’t take kindly to the threat and got a little agressive. Realization when Mr. Buckner motioned to the two men on gattling guns behind him got the party a little spooked though since Jeremiah suddenly started praying and something happened that surprised everyone.

It was enough of a distraction that the party could run away without getting shot full of lead. Hu-Jo as clueless as ever asked why we were running away. Getting back to the area they had come down they didn’t see any sign of the rope. Climbing out would require someone to free climb up the wall and on the ceiling of the cave to the lip of the whole. Hu-Jo and Amanda looked at each other and shook heads explaining it probably wouldn’t happen. Looking the way the train had come from the party took stock of their rations they didn’t have much and Hu-Jo pointed out they didn’t know how far before the end of the tunnel could be reached from where the train came in, if there was food around or fresh water there wasn’t clear either. With a bit of defeated resolve the party walked back to see Mr. Buckner.

The party was introduced to a reporter for the Tombestone Epitah, Lacey O’Maley and a Dr. Hellstrome. The Doctor was the one in charge it seemed and apologized for the hole that destroyed our train ride out west. He offered to compensate us anything lost within reason and a ride all the way to the City of Lost Angels. Hu-Jo shrugged since he got to where he was going and would get back what he lost plus there was food. The rest seemed to agree to the terms for now since they had no other options.

O’Maley got a bit of information on each of the group before a sudden burst of gunfight broke the conversation up. Talk of the Mining machine they were using to dig with having it’s operator stuck got the party up and moving since it seemed like the right thing to do. Hu-Jo was out the train car and on the ground a bit faster than the rest and was moving around the train looking to see where the man was trapped unaware of him in the back behind a door pointing at the walls to the rest of the group.

Critters came burrowing out and attacked the group or guests with the workers long since out of the area. As the numbers slowly dwindled one screeched out a gurgling cry and more showed up. The group eventually took them all out and Sebastian muttered he wished his horse was here to which he was surprised with his horse nudged him from behind. a bit of frayed tethered rope around one of his hooves. He looked a bit banged up but Sebastian prayed for him it seemed and he looked just fine. Hu-Jo didn’t know white people talked to horses since Sebastian asked his horse, Abraham if he had climbed down and seemed to have a conversation. For today at least the group earned a good dinner. As the train construction grew came out to pile up the creature bodies they found Hu-Jo chopping off the hand of one of the creatures. O’Maley took the opportunity to get a sketch of them and find out what happened.

2 XP Awarded.

Episode 3: ?

Someone fill me in!

Episode 4: Final Stop Lost Angels
where people are the other white meat

The party find themselves caught up in a multiple faction battle zone as gunfire breaks out. With the reporter hiring themt o help him get into town to find his friend the party learn the truth of bizarre town of Lost Angels. Under martial law of sorts fromt he reverne Grimm the party watch as they witness first hand how selfish, cruel, and debase humans in the Maze can be. But escaping theire fires of trepidation for a bit the group is assigned another task, getting up to Shan Fan and getting enough law enforcement and fire power to burn the hellish earth the city is while claiming to be men and women of God.

Episode 5: Trail Blazing P1 - This is Bull
You've got to watch your step when you know the chips are down.

With the party just off a long rough trip by stagecoach Sebastian Moran is propositioned by a young boy to but a Tomahawk off him. Afterhearing the story Hu-Jo Lee seems more willing to buy it and finds out the boy is raising money so the boy can hire some people to take out Kang’s men who were responsible for his ‘Pa’ dieing. The group is sitting down to dinner with the kid trying to find out more to possibly help him find the killers and get vengence (especially Hu-Jo) when a commotion is heard outside. Townsfolk come in and state stampede to which Hu-Jo mentions the man is awful small to be a whole stampede. After finding out it’s outside Hu-Jo goes to look and Eloise Vodd goes to get a drink at the bar.

Outside Hu Jo is the first to see the Stampede and asks Sebastian if Bulls know how to use guns looking confused. The bulls slam into buildings and several walk on two legs both kinds attacking the town. The bar clears out of all able bodies on reques from the lady of the group. The fight is going pretty well with Jerimiah Cranston finally having a settled stomach from Hu-Jo’s homemade ‘Rattlesnake Road Jerky’ joins the fray as the group including the boy clean up the buckin Brama’s.

The party was reloading and recouping (Sebastian saved the boy having been stomped into the ground by one of the man bulls when everything on two legs that had died just up and rose again. Round two of combat started with a little more desperate results going into effect. Eventually the group got the turn of battle (the boy started filling Sebastian in on a few things he knew like shooting the undead in the head works a lot better since it’s how he took down his Pa after he died.)

This time around Sebastian studies the Tomahawk and gets the full story from the boy.

After getting something to eat and some rest the group have some options, track down the last bull to find out where it was going or coming from. Or check out the boy’s home so they can find out what was going on with his father.

3 XP awarded


Episode 6: Trail Blazing P2 - Firewood Horror Stories
Treehugger's nightmare.

Amanda having finally woken up noticed the town in shambles but for the most part still thriving or moving on since their life was ruined after the attack. The party opt to check out the Boy’s house to read his dad’s journal and encounter Bullmen again. Getting ready for battle the group actually ask what they wanted. Turns out they wanted to do what the party was going tot do with the Tomahawk, return it to the tomb it came from. With the promise to watch out for the boys when they can since this area was ‘their’ tribal land the party headed out to find the two guys who killed the boy’s father.

Pulled into Eastman’s Creek at Dusk to a dead town, or rather a very paranoid and quiet town.
Didn’t see much of the town but there were people getting hanged by a mystery lynching mob so that explains a lot. Hu-Jo and Jeremiyah had the crazy idea eventually it was the tree that needed to be taken out so there wouldn’t be a lynching tree, but they thought the tree was lynching people. The rest of the group thought they were crazy until the tree up and started attacking them. Good thing they set it on fire and used dynamite to wake it up.

Awarded 3 XP

Episode 7: Trail Blazing P3 - Possible Winter Forest Fire Storms
with a chance of dead Martial artists

The party opt to continue north where Hu-Jo meets another martial artist and spars. Afterwards over drinks he learns from his new friend about the two men they were looking for being at the logging camp a few days north of town. With the party splitting up and a heavy snow fall overnight they end up ambushing AXE man and Texas Red plus a group of extra muscle and a mechanical man.

Jerimiah Cranston created a windstorm as a distraction for the ambush.

Causing one of the flunkies setting a tree on fire from the general direction of Jerimiah once he yelled out who to attack, Malcome McRae had a mental breakdown from what happened the last time he saw a tree catch fire. and a fight ensued.

Sebastin opted to take out the man with the flame thrower and followed with Axe man since he shot green ‘unholy’ fire at him. Jermiah seeing the large ghost rock fire picked it up with his windstorm and used it to smite the children who forgot God’s wrath.

The fight was looking like the adventurers had it wrapped up until the automaton opened fire on Hu-Jo dropping him in one go. After the party got Hu-jo back up he pulled out dynamite for his revenge against against the metal man. With Jerimiah yelling at him to stop and and chasing him Texas Red was shot in the back sinking into the mostly frozen river as he ran away and Hujo chased down the last of the hired help taking him down.

Bringing back the last living grunt Hu-Jo asked Malcolm wanted to do with him. The boy mostly calmed down from the burning tree stated he just wanted to go home. Jerimiah on the way back talked to Sebastin about if they were really doing God’s work or not and opted to walk him own path trying to find signs that he was keeping with his Faith.

3XP awarded.

Episode 8: Sol Train!
All Aboard! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The party find themselves traveling on a train on Christmas only to find train jumpers or flyers in the form of raven men/spirits. With the assistance of the Union Cavalry men the train is ride of their tormentors for the rest of the voyage…. until next year at least.


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