Hu-Jo Lee

Young Master Lee: Age 9
Countrymen torn between country and peace
Hu-Jo Lee led a simple life with his father until news of the outbreak of civil unrest reached them in their village of Dongyi in the Gansu Province of China. As things brewed and escalated his father made a decision, they soon left amidst what would later be known at the Hui Minorities War or the Dungan Revolt in the earlier stages as Han and Hui clashed. His father, Zhéng Lee, a single father who did not think it was the best of environments for his only son to grow up. Although a martial artist and requested to assist with his wife gone and the factions mostly chaotic involved warring tribes and clans as well as military leaders that used the conflict as an excuse it seemed in some situations to settle old grudges. Mostly plundering each other’s land rather than resolve the issues locally he opted to leave his country and build a new life and hope abroad in America. Having thought his countrymen had lost their sanity and pride in their country he left with a heavy heart.

Young Master Lee: Age 10
The end and beginning
Young Master Lee’s father had worked his way up through the internal pecking order of the Chinese immigrants. A spokesman and man of honor and martial skill he was well respected and admired by many, most of all by his only son Hu-Jo. As the successor to his father’s school of martial arts he was asked a simple question by his father one day. Hu-Jo’s answer would shape the rest of his life.

“Being successor to this form of martial arts is hard son, do you truly wish to take on this accomplishment? It is a heavy burden that will be put upon you if you do.” He asked his son one morning as the prepared to move to the next site for work.

His son had mostly taken to studying things such as English much like his father had when they first came abroad. With that focus he did not loss sight of his training studious to these teachings more so then in the learning of a new language. Smiling and telling his father, “Yes Fùqīn (father), I do wish to follow you as the successor, many know Fùqīn is a wise man and he is strong. Also in Kung Fu you are the best! Although when you talk about when you were younger and learned the style from Yéye (grandfather) you never finish the story of how you learned most of the forms.”

Thinking he answered appropriately and said something his father would be proud of something came to mind, His father and his grandfather were never close. As everything went black his thoughts went hazy wondering how his father had mastered the style.

Waking Hu-jo found himself at a deserted camp site devoid of people. Sitting up he found his pack a set of bamboo scrolls and a letter.

Hu-jo my son,
When I was nine I was asked if I wished to succeed your grandfather in the family’s style of martial arts, much like my siblings before me. As I accepted I was like you cast out into the wilds to live among the animals to build up my body and inner self, this is succession test of the Yě quán de fēnggé (Wild Fang Fist Style). The basic forms I have taught you are different than the one’s my father taught me, which are different then his father’s. Each generation and branch builds off of the basic forms taught to them to improve how they see fit and feel they need to change for the user to survive in the wild.
In Dongyi I fear sending you into the wilds at a young age in the middle of turmoil was dangerous. Coming to America I thought it would be safer but alas you have been swept from the pan into the fire here. The world around us is more frightening here than in our homelands where are folklore and superstions would seem calm in comparison. Walking these lands though if you surivive will strengthen you like no other successor and if I see you some day I’m sure your form of the Wild Fang Fist Style will be the strongest of many generations. I pray for your safety and survival.
Your Loving Father,

Master Lee: Age 20
Journey to find oneself in the Desert
Overtime he found work or learned to survive in the wilds for the next ten years. Between odd jobs, meditation, and studying the teachings left behind by his father he isn’t the ten year old boy left in an abandoned camp that cried for days wondering about his future and the dangers of the world. He learned to be fearless. Unfortunately he didn’t learn much of America leaving him clueless at times in even commonly understood situations as well as with things called ‘maasheens’. With few things such as kindness or friends any act of generosity is repaid and he has been thankful for the kindness spared him by others or good fortune due to fate and luck.

In the past years he hasn’t heard of where his Father might be with the building camps when he came upon them so he continues to improve his form and style. Considered at times a nomad vanishing into the desert without a trace his style in martial arts competitions has been viewed as predatorial, rapid, relentless, and slightly brutal for someone who looks so weak.

Hu-Jo Lee

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