Nahuel left his tribe after coming to the realization that his healing could not heal the souls of his tribe who were slowly but surely turning from the Old Ways. So he began a journey into the Rocky Mountains. It was on this journey that he met his Spirit Totem. The spirit had possessed the body of the huge jaguar that Nahuel now wears. It taught him the ways of the shape changer and showed him that he must first understand the world and how it is changing before he can hope to change it. The spirit infused Nahuel with a keen sense of curiosity about the world as a whole, but more specifically about the ways in which the world is “awakening”. These things must be understood before order can be restored to nature.

Nahuel, guided by his spirit totem, has now traveled into the more populated areas of the world in search of “weird” happenings.

His greatest fear is the great wildfires that ravage the wilderness…. not fire in general mind you, the big, nasty, forest fires.