The Rockies

The R.M.A.—or “Rockies”—is a cartel of shipping magnates that considers itself the authority on ghost rock. It purports to be the only official validating body for new claims and the only legal means of exporting fundaments in the entirety of the Maze.

In reality that’s a tall order for any one organization to maintain, especially when faced with such rivals as the rail barons, the Union and Confederate armies, the Shan Fan Triad, Grimme’s Church of Lost Angels, and scheming scientists galore. An extensive salvage industry has grown on the smoking wreckage created by this conflict, sometimes referred to as the Maze Wars.

There are two big problems with the Rockies’ authority, both of them causing no end of friction with the mining population. The fact that they vested the authority in themselves is first and foremost, but their refusal to buy ghost rock from anyone who won’t play their game is a close second.

In past years the Rockies have used the Rail Wars as a pretense to raise the price of ghost rock (despite record levels of production), and subsequently issued a warning that any miners caught selling directly to rail companies would have their claims revoked immediately. They have serious power, resources, and influence—a true monopoly for the time being—but whether they can defeat all comers is another thing entirely.

A few years ago ships flying the colors of the railroads appeared in the Maze, steaming up and down the major channels and snapping up any ghost rock they could find. Armed clashes between railroad ships and Rockies forces were only the next logical step. There have been some attempts at negotiation in the past year, but with so many players it’s impossible to get them all around the same table, much less agree to the same truce.

Needless to say, the Maze Wars continue to simmer, with recent developments threatening to blow off the lid.

The Rockies

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