Deadlands Reloaded: The Righteous, The Rough, and The Clever

Episode 9: Big Trouble in Little Shan Fan Pt. 1

The Roof the Roof the roof was on Fire!

Monday, December 23 1879

With the train pulling into the Red Lantern Town District of Shan Fan the party bids goodbye to Col. Frank Wheaton and lets them know if they’re in need of his services to look him up. Once the party got their belongings several in the group noticed the high cost of living in the area since even the price of deals in the street were pretty high.

With the group looking for a place to stay Ms Swanbury asked the group who they were here in town to see. Mr Moran piped up extending a finger and replied it was ‘Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe’. Hujo added of the Explorers Society, probably since it was the easier of the two details to remember. From looking around for a place to stay the group noticed the area was mostly non chinese people.

The group finding out how much the cost of a room per night was opted to ask around for the Captain if people have heard about him or know his whereabouts. Between areas where Red Lantern Town and Splinterville meet the group heard tale from someone where the building is. Finding the Explorers’ Society lodge burned to the ground the group is at odds to figure out what to do. Hujo opts to ask someone but picking them up and shaking them doesn’t seem to be the best of manners having the person eventually squirm away and take off running with no information gathered. Amanda finding an American asked more politely getting in hussed tones that the Society had a run in with the local Triads and quickly walked off looking around. Amanda figured it best for us to find a hotel since this might take a while with the new information gathered.

Ms Vodd did some talking and got everyone a deal on rooms for about half price she explained with Eloise and Amanda bunking together as well as Moran and Hujo bunking together. Once settled in Amanda mentioned the man also suggested seeing Long Hair Tony the Town Marshall. Hujo was ready to go when Eloise opted to say she had to take car of some lady like things. Hujo fell asleep while runners were sent to get the ladies steam trunks, she takes a bath, and decides what to wear.

While they waited on Ms Vodd the group listened to the local rumors at the salon. The main buzz was the big martial arts tournament that happened last month and that the Cloud Dragon Society was already in preparation for the next tournament. A contestant from a minor unheard dojo came out on top upsetting the betting pools and status quo of many.

With word of what happened at Lost Angels and that we were there Ms Swansbury let the locals hear stories of the underground railroad, the war at the end of the Rail Baron wars, the air ship and Ghost Rock bombs from the sky. After the story is told Ms Vodd finally finished getting ready.

While Amanda told stories and Hujo feel asleep while waiting for Eloise Sebastian opted to get a Sunday Newspaper. Flipping through to Page 13 he scanned for headlines of small articles labeled ‘Good Intentions’. Finding to articles he sighes skipping the one mentioning Lost Angels for now. Looking over the other one he’d nod while muttering about Fort Lincoln. Getting up and the party finally ready they head out to see the local law, Long Hair Tony.

With a bit of negotiation for more information on the fire Ms Swansbury found out the Triad had indeed burned down the Explorer’s Society Lodge and the survivors from what he knew were staying at the Sun Rise House. Sebastian asked where the place was and it turned out it was down the block from our hotel. Thanking him we were on our way back to the Red Lantern Town District.

Downstairs we see a bit of everything from a salon to a house gambling area. With a bell hop asking what we need the ladies headed over to have a drink. Sebatian sighed and opted for a cup of coffee.

TBC 46.20
2 XP Awarded


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