NPC - Sheriff Job “Hogleg” Dunston


When Grimme made his Edict not everyone took it lying
down or ran out of town at the first threat from a Guardian Angel. The most notable of these folks was Sheriff Job “Hogleg” Dunston.

As the law officer who was duly elected by the people of Lost Angels—over Grimme’s handpicked candidate, and much to the reverend’s chagrin, I’m sure—Hog wasn’t going anywhere. He felt like he’d gotten a mandate from the citizens themselves, and no pulp i thumping preacher—not even one as powerful as Grimme—was going to kick him out without a fight.

Unfortunately, most of Hog’s deputies didn’t see it that way. They lit out of town like someone had stuffed a packet of lit firecrackers in their pockets. Only one man stayed behind, a faithful deputy by the name of Luther Crane.

Hog and Luther did their best to assure folks around town that Grimme’s Edict was a load of horse apples, but they didn’t have much luck. In fact, only three days after the announcement Luther was found dead in the middle of the Golden Circle, only yards away from the cathedral’s front steps. Despite the fact that it’s one of the busiest places in town, there were no witnesses.

After that, Hog took to sleeping in his office, locking all the doors at night and bedding down in one of the cells. By his thinking, it was the safest place to be.

However, Luther had left behind a wife and three kids, all of whom were immediately taken in by the church. Apparently the kids held the sheriff responsible for Luther’s death, because Hog woke up one night to find they’d used their dad’s keys to sneak into the jail.

According to Hog, he’d been handcuffed to the cell he’d been sleeping in. He was awakened by the kids’ giggling, and when he looked up, they were in the process of setting the place on fire. Before the kids hightailed it out of there, they tossed the man a hacksaw, daring him to cut his own arm off before the fire consumed him.

Last he was seen he was on a horse heading out of town and sporting a new nickname, “Lefty”.


Recently Hog was rescued from a cell in the basement of The Rock Island Prison (at the same time SamHellman was rescued.

It’s yet to be seen how (or if) Hog’s return to the Men of the Grid (he was second in command prior to his capture by Grimme) will affect the attacks on Lost Angels. But having seen his left hand eaten in front of him probably hasn’t made him warm and fuzzy to the Church of Lost Angels.

NPC - Sheriff Job “Hogleg” Dunston

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