NPC - The Cleaner




Just as Scotland Yard is dealing with Jack the Ripper, the City of Lost Angels is dealing with a “ripper” of its own. They call him or her or it the Cleaner.

The Cleaner kills soiled doves. Pretty darn imaginative, huh? It gets better. He also guts and cleans the victims like a fish. Their organs are never found.

It gets better still. When the body finally floats back into Prosperity Bay, the empty body cavities are always filled with a batch of live fish, with mussels in the eye sockets, and eels wherever they can wriggle into. I’m told they’re tasty too.

Naturally, public reaction to finding these corpses—which show up about twice a month—is horror and shock. Still, I hear rumors that some scientists have gone so far as to conduct occult experiments to determine how to replace organs with fish. So far, I haven’t heard of any positive results.
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Hog]] didn’t get anywhere with this one, and although the Guardian Angels claim to have people on the case, they have no real leads. — Samuel Q. Hellman

NPC - The Cleaner

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